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Introducing TigerWing Grip and TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style

This website is purely created for the purpose to introduce a new and most probably advanced way of grip (TigerWing Grip) and style (TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style ), which including an innovative RSB(reverse shakehand backhand) technique to play table tennis for beginner, amateur and even professional players.

 Why is it called TigerWing? Let’s explain as below: TigerWing comes from the Chinese saying “如虎添翼- Rúhǔtiānyì” which translates literally as “like a tiger with added wings”. The saying is a description of increased strength or greatly reinforced strength of what was already strong and powerful. With the new table tennis grip it describes the advantage that TigerWing adds to the strength of common traditional penhold grip or shakehand grip.

What is TigerWing Shakehand grip ?


Racket: Instead of using some special-shaped table tennis rackets that are not recognized by the mainstream table tennis industry, TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style uses traditional Japanese-style penhold table tennis rackets, or uses TigerWing shakehand bat, which is a traditional shakehand racket with a little modification.

Grip: In fact, it uses a Japanese style penhold bat, or use TigerWing (modified) shakehand bat, it is a variation of traditional Shakehand grip. In this variant grip technique, in addition to using the traditional backhand racket front side (long rubber) to hit the ball, when it is necessary to hit the ball on the backhand side, use the backside of the racket (inverted rubber)to make a ” RSB– reverse shakehand backhand ” (please Refer to 1-2 (Backhand) RSB– reverse shakehand backhand or 2. (Backhand) RSB– reverse shakehand backhand technique Continuation), put your finger against the protruding cork of the handle and properly adjust the movement of the finger against the protruding cork of the handle. In this grip method, it is easy to use the backside of the racket (inverted rubber) to hit or RSB the ball. Note: The rules of table tennis do not specify how the racket must be gripped or held.

Rubber configuration: inverted rubber on one side and long pimple rubber on the other side.

What is(Backhand) RSB– reverse shakehand backhand:

RSB backhand is the general term for the technical action of hitting the shakehand backhand by using the reverse side of rubber of the racket (the normal side of the backhand is long rubber, the abnormal side or the reverse side is inverted rubber).

It is a technical system that can be used continuously from defence to offense, from stalemate to counterattack. In other words, by using the TigerWings shakehand grip, the player uses the inverted rubber – the reverse side of the racket when playing on the backhand side (the normal side of the bat when playing backhand is long rubber, the abnormal side or the reverse side is inverted) instead of the traditional racket frontal side(the normal side of the backhand is long rubber) to hit the ball. The specific single techniques include block, fast carry, quick tear, short drop, flick, loop, counterloop, twist, punch, etc. skills.

The only criterion for judging whether a certain technique is a backhand RSB– reverse shakehand backhand is to see (backhand) whether hitting the ball by using the inverted rubber – the reverse side of rubber of the racket (the normal side of the backhand is long rubber, the abnormal side or the reverse side is inverted rubber).

What is TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style?

In other words, the TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style is a style played by table tennis players by using TigerWing Shakehand grip. The rubber configuration is inverted rubber on one side and long pimple rubber on the other side. (or other rubber, short pimple rubber, medium pimple rubber or anti rubber,but it is strongly recommended to use long rubber-because of its advantages such as being weird, reversing the spin, dropping, wobbling,easy-to-handle-spinning and rhythm changing. etc.), it has added the (backhand) RSB(Reverse Shakehand Backhand) technique, which can play a new style — double-sided looping with inverted rubbers, combined with fast attack, plus the backside long pimple rubber monster-like attack on both forehand and backhand (double wings) at the same time.

Because the additional skill of (backhand) RSB (reverse shakehand backhand) technique is like a tiger with added wings, so it is named TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style. The TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style retains double-sided looping with inverted rubbers.

At present, the two-winged looping style, being the best suited to modern equipment,  technology and rules, is arguably the most common and popular style in table tennis. As of 01/Oct/2018, the world’s top ten men players are all two-winged loopers who kill off all other players who play a large variety of different styles.

This two-winged power looping style is dominating the others and winning the games by generating powerful topspin strokes with both forehand and backhand.

But imagine if a player comes up with TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style:

On the forehand side, player uses TigerWing Shakehand grip or RSB (reverse shakehand backhand) grip to play with inverted rubber, it is similar to the traditional shakehand grip. On the backhand side, the use of the TigerWing Shakehand grip or RSB (reverse shakehand backhand) grip enable player to use inverted rubber to produce a heavy topspin ball with good power and a wide reach. It is also very good at attacking short balls on the backhand due to flexible wrist movement.

In addition to RSB, the player can also use long pimples on the back side of the bat to cut, block, punch or fast push on the backhand side to give opponents troubles. Of course, the player can use a mixture of the RSB and long pimple on the backhand side to give more variation, selecting inverted rubber and long pimple randomly, alternately and freely. This website has shown conclusively that TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style can bring the five winning factors of “speed, spin, accuracy, powerfulness, and change” to a higher level, creating a contrast between spin, power, speed, arc, length, and rhythm. Because the addition of (backhand side) RSB technique is like a tiger added with wings, so it is named as TigerWing Shakehand Style.


Hoping to improve your game? Thinking about using long pimples (an increasingly popular rubber used by many win-seeking players as variety is the spice of table tennis)? Perhaps now is the right time to go for TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style as it is more effective and fun to play at any level. And, most important, you generally enjoy the game and have more fun when you win !  

video demos – TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style:

More video demos of the rackets, grips and play styles are coming soon. Thanks for viewing and for excusing the preliminary version of our website.

If you would like to enquire further please email the address below.

John Ho

Founder of the TigerWing Shakehand technique style R&D Center

Founder of RSB (Reverse Shakehand Backhand) R&D Center

Former Waikato Table Tennis Association New Zealand (board member and recognized coach)

Email: ; Tel: (+64) 272302121 ; Wechat: John2820703 Website:

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