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Introducing Ho Grip and Ho 4-winged Attack

Welcome to IFTT04 – Impossible Four Table Tennis!


This website is purely created for the purpose to introduce a new and most probably advanced way of  grip (Ho Grip) and style (Ho 4-winged Attack) to play table tennis for beginner, amateur and even professional players.

What is Ho 4-winged Attack? and what is Ho Grip?

Ho 4-winged Attack is the name given to describe the new style of play: the way a table tennis athlete who uses Ho Grip to play two-winged looping and two-winged long pips attack at the same time. (Using Ho’s magic shakehand bat, which is a traditional market shakehand racket with a little bit of modification or a traditional Japanese reverse style racket)

At present, the two-winged looping style, being the best suited to modern equipment,  technology and rules, is arguably the most common and popular style in table tennis. As of 01/Oct/2018, the world’s top ten men players are all two-winged loopers who kill off all other players who play a large variety of different styles.

This two-winged power looping style is dominating the others and winning the games by generating powerful topspin strokes with both forehand and backhand.

But imagine if a player comes up with Ho Grip that will be doubly weaponized and get an overwhelming edge. Ho 4-winged Attack retains the ability to play two-winged loop with inverted rubber on one side of the bat, with the added capacity to play two-winged attack with long pimple (or other rubber, however strongly recommend long pip – because of the  characteristics of being odd, anti, dropping, floating, low-spin-taking, rhythm changing , etc.) on the other. 

The rules of table tennis do not prescribe the manner in which how one must grip the racket.

The following table – – compares the top factors in performance and the pros and cons of a Ho Grip vs Shakehand Grip vs Penhold Grip vs Seemiller Grip in each use scenario.

We believe Ho 4-winged Attack will become the most advanced style of play in the future! However, this playing style has just been released and promoted. Until now (at the end of 2018), there is not yet achievements to prove this. Is it practical? Is it a good thing? This will indeed prove itself only through competition results. If beginners, amateur players and even professional players, from local teams to national teams, at all levels can achieve good results to prove that this style of play is reasonable, effective and advanced, then it would be more widely spread.

Hoping to improve your game? Thinking about using long pimples (an increasingly popular rubber used by many win-seeking players as variety is the spice of table tennis)? Perhaps now is the right time to go for Ho 4-winged Attack as it is more effective and fun to play at any level. And, most important, you generally enjoy the game and have more fun when you win !  

video demos – Ho Shakehand 4-winged Attack:

More video demos of the rackets, grips and play styles are coming soon. Thanks for viewing and for excusing the preliminary version of our website.

If you would like to enquire further please email the address below.

John Ho
Ho Shakehand 8-winged Attack Research & Development Centre (founder)
Ho Penhold 8-winged Attack Research & Development Centre (founder)
Hamilton Table Tennis Training Club (Chief Coach)
Waikato Table Tennis Association New Zealand (board member and recognized coach)

Email: ; Tel: (+64) 272302121 ; Wechat: John2820703

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