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We are thrilled to be able to bring you a discovery of an exciting new style of playing table tennis which has the potential to give players an unprecedented competitive edge: we name this the Ho 4-winged Attack, played using the Ho Grip. (<video demos> Ho Shakehand 4-winged Attack) It can also be played using Shakehand or Penhold.

Launching this website as of December 2018, we want to share this discovery with the world (you!), through our entity ‘Impossible Four Table Tennis’. Why is it called Impossible Four? The ‘Four’ refers to ‘4-winged’: two-winged loop with inverted rubber on one side of the bat and two-winged attack with long pimple on the other, which has always been thought to be impossible by players. 

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, John Ho has been involved in table tennis locally, playing competitively for more than 20 years. He thoroughly studies the game of table tennis and its winning techniques. He currently also coaches daily at his club, the Hamilton Table Tennis Training Club.

If you would like to enquire further please email the address below.

John Ho
Ho Shakehand 8-winged Attack Research & Development Centre (founder)
Ho Penhold 8-winged Attack Research & Development Centre (founder)
Hamilton Table Tennis Training Club (Chief Coach)
Waikato Table Tennis Association New Zealand (board member and recognized coach)

iftt04@gmail.com ; Tel: (+64) 272302121 ; Wechat: John2820703
Website: https://www.iftt04.com

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