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TigerWing Table Tennis” is headquartered in Hamilton/Auckland, New Zealand.

TigerWing Table Tennis”  is thrilled to be able to bring you a discovery of an exciting new style of playing table tennis which has the potential to give players an unprecedented competitive edge: we name this the TigerWing Shakehand Tecnique Style, played using the TigerWing Shakehand Grip

Why is it called TigerWing? 

Let’s explain as below: TigerWing comes from the Chinese saying “如虎添翼- Rúhǔtiānyì” which translates literally as “like a tiger with added wings”. The saying is a description of increased strength or greatly reinforced strength of what was already strong and powerful.
With the new table tennis grip it describes the advantage that TigerWing adds to the strength of common traditional pengrip or shakhand grip.

The rubber configuration of TigerWing Shakehand Tecnique Style is inverted rubber on one side and long pimple rubber on the other side.

On the forehand side, player uses TigerWing Shakehand grip or RSB (reverse shakehand backhand) grip to play with inverted rubber, it is similar to the traditional shakehand grip.
On the backhand side, the use of the TigerWing Shakehand grip or RSB (reverse shakehand backhand) grip enable player to use inverted rubber to produce a heavy topspin ball with good power and a wide reach. It is also very good at attacking short balls on the backhand due to flexible wrist movement.

In addition to RSB, the player can also use long pimples on the back side of the bat to cut, block, punch or fast push on the backhand side to give opponents troubles. Of course, the player can use a mixture of the RSB and long pimple on the backhand side to give more variation, selecting inverted rubber and long pimple randomly, alternately and freely.

This website(launched as of December 2018) has shown conclusively that TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style can bring the five winning factors of “speed, spin, accuracy, powerfulness, and change” to a higher level, creating a contrast between spin, power, speed, arc, length, and rhythm. Because the addition of (backhand side) RSB technique is like a tiger added with wings, so it is named as TigerWing Shakehand Style.

Here is the link to TigerWing Shakehand Style and RSB. Here is another one.

We believe TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style will become one of the most advanced style of play in the future! However, this playing style has just (at the end of 2018) been released and promoted. Until now , there is not yet achievements to prove this. Is it practical? Is it a good thing? This will indeed prove itself only through competition results. If beginners, amateur players and even professional players, from local teams to national teams, at all levels can achieve good results to prove that this style of play is reasonable, effective and advanced, then it would be more widely spread. 

However, as of 19/01/2023, the case of 何倚天Ho,Yitian (Eli Ho), who is the first TigerWing style player below may prove that the TigerWing technique is indeed reasonable, effective and advanced.


何倚天Ho,Yitian (Eli Ho), a New Zealand table tennis training base athlete, was born on March 6, 2012 in Hamilton, New Zealand. He started to learn to play at the age of 5 and a half. He is also, in the world today (22/Nov/2021), the only one who uses techniques of double-sided looping with inverted rubbers, combined with fast attack, plus double-sided with long pimple rubber and is the first TigerWing style player. He has won the 2020 Waikato Youth Table Tennis Player of the Year Award in New Zealand. At the age of eight, he has won the most important and highest-ranking Table Tennis Player of the Year Award in Waikato New Zealand at the age of eight. In July 2021 he won New Zealand North Island Tourament Open Under 13 boy single event, in August 2021 he again won New Zealand North Shore Tourament Open Under 13 boy single event. In November he is awarded as Most Improved Boy of the Year by Table Tennis New Zealand. In November 2021 he (at the age of nine) was selected TTNZ 2022 National Under 15 Boys Squad. He won the 2022 Waitemata Open U19.

He placed 2nd in 2022 ITTF(International Table Tennis Federation) Oceania Hopes Challenge and 2nd in 2022 NZ Open Championship U13.

At the age of 10, Eli unprecedentedly became the youngest player to ever win the open men’s singles title at the 2022 Auckland Spring Open.



If you would like to enquire further please email the address below.

John Ho
Founder of the TigerWing Shakehand technique style R&D Center

Founder of RSB (Reverse Shakehand Backhand) R&D Center

Enlightenment coach and general head coach of Eli Ho

Former Waikato Table Tennis Association New Zealand (board member and recognized coach)

John Ho is one of the most profound and creative table tennis style research experts in the world. He illuminates the topics he is studying with insight, wisdom and charm.

iftt04@gmail.com ; Tel: (+64) 272302121 ; Wechat: John2820703
Website: https://www.iftt04.com

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