First TigerWing Table Tennis Style Briefing Seminar at Waikato Table Tennis stadium在怀卡托乒乓球场举办了我的第一次 翼虎乒乓简报研讨会。

This week I had my first TigerWing Table Tennis Style Briefing Seminar at Waikato Table Tennis stadium on Wednesday and Thursday. The seminar was opened to the Waikato players and approximately 30 were in attendance.

Ray Sheath, President of Waikato Table Tennis Association was on hand to open the seminar.

During my presentation, attendees shared thoughts, opinions and suggestions. I totally enjoyed and valued the feedbacks, queries and reactions of this first introduction of TigerWing table tennis style and grip.

The TigerWing style and grip is unique – regular forehand, long pips backhand but also a normal rubber ‘reverse shakehand backhand (RSB), and often caused confusion for opponents at the outset of a match.

Thank you to Eli Ho and Ray Sheath for their fantastic demos.

For more details about this very innovative and unique table tennis style please go to:

TigerWing Table Tennis 翼虎乒乓 website:

本周,我于周三和周四在怀卡托乒乓球场举办了我的第一次 翼虎乒乓简报研讨会。 研讨会面向怀卡托球员开放,约有 30 人参加。

怀卡托乒乓球协会主席雷·希思(Ray Sheath)开啟了研讨会。

在我的演讲中,与会者分享了想法、意见和建议。 我非常喜欢和重视第一次介绍 翼虎乒乓球风格和握拍法的反馈、查询和反应。

TigerWing 的风格和握法是独一无二的——常规正手、反手長胶以及反手普通的反胶(RSB),经常在比赛开始时给对手造成混乱。

感谢 Eli Ho 和 Ray Sheath 的精彩演示。


TigerWing Tennis 翼虎乒乓球乒乓球网站:

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