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What are the advantages of TigerWing Shakehand Technique style ?

  1. What are the advantages of RSB (reverse shakehand backhand)

The innovative RSB (reverse shakehand backhand)technique empowers table tennis players who play with traditional double-sided heterogeneous shakehand (inverted rubber on the front, long rubber on the back) , front-inverted and back-pips, to get following shakehand techniques: 1. Receiving serve by backhand twist or flick. 2.looping the back-spin ball 3. Looping and counter-looping the top-spin ball in sustained rally 4.punching high chance ball. These skills are in line with the current must-have technique for world top masters – which is double-sided looping with inverted rubbers, combined with fast attack.

On the forehand side, the TigerWing Shakehand RSB grip is similar to the traditional Shakehand grip. On the backhand side, the use of the TigerWing Shakehand RSB grip removes the weaknesses of the traditional handshake grip (with long rubber on the back side of the racket) since it enables the player to produce a heavy topspin ball with good power and a wide reach. Due to the flexible wrist movement, it is also very good at attacking short shots on the backhand. Some players will mix the TigerWing RSB inverted rubber and the long rubber on the back side of the racket to cut, block, punch and push on the backhand side to give more variation.

Due to the different gripping methods, the TigerWing shakehand technique and (backhand) RSB has a longer and larger hitting range than the traditional shakehand on the backhand side. With the same wingspan, RSB players are better than traditional shakehand backhands. The coverage area of the RSB players is larger, and the distance difference is about three centimeters. (A shakehand player has a larger coverage area than a pen-hold player, and the distance is about one centimeter.) Don’t underestimate this short three centimeters, it will cause a critical difference between scoring and losing points.

When using normal(inverted) rubber- the reverse side of the racket to play a looping on the backhand side, due to the natural movement of the arm and the racket, it is possible to produce a side-topspin with a significant amount of left-to-right sidespin (for right-handers).

This kind of left-side spin loop is more wide and powerful than the traditional shakehand backhand, the center of gravity can be moved in a smaller range, and the shot quality is better, which is conducive to the connection of the next stroke. Compared with the traditional shakehand backhand fast attack technology, it is not inferior. It has the characteristics of increased friction on the ball, ball speed faster, strong attacking power, small movements, high concealment.

Generally speaking, for Shakehand player, the position in the middle is the achilles’ heel, the weak link, and the middle is the weak underbelly of the shakehand player. It can also be said that the shakehand player has a natural dead point, which is the so-called “Middle chasing” (Crossover point). The “Middle chasing” feeling caused by “chasing in the middle” is “it is very awkward to receive with a forehand or with a backhand”.

The direct reason is that the technique skill is not good enough, and the deeper reason is that there is not enough space to hit the ball, which requires a lot of strong footwork and waist turning ability. Since the forehand and backhand of the TigerWing style technique are both played with the inverted rubber on the same side of the forehand of the racket, the player does not need to remake the forehand and backhand, so there is no obvious “middle chasing”, weak links, weak underbelly and dead spots of shakehand play.

2. The advantages of TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style

Simply put it this way, apart from having the advantage of the RSB technique mentioned above, TigerWing Shakehand Technique Style has additional advantages of long rubber, such as being weird, reversing the spin, controlling the spin, dropping, wobbling, easy-to-handle-spinning and rhythm changing. That means it can play a style of not only Shakehand double-sided looping with inverted rubbers, combined with fast attack , which are in line with the current must-have technique for world top masters, but also the techniques of long rubber, such as block, push, fast push, chop, cut, drive, and punch.


  1. 横拍反打(RSB)技术打法的优势

反手横拍反打(RSB–Reverse Shakehand Backhand)的这项创新技术使传统的双面异质横拍(正面反胶, 背面长胶) 正反反长乒乓球运动员的横拍技术多出(1、反手[拧拉, 挑]接发球2、拉打下旋球3、拉打上旋球, 进行相持和反拉反撕 4、弹击机会球)的多项功能, 这样就具有符合了现在世界顶尖高手必须具备的的技术 –-反胶两面弧圈结合快攻的技术风格。

在正手方面,这种 翼虎横拍横拍反打握拍法类似于传统的横拍握手握拍法。在反手方面,翼虎横拍横拍反打握拍法的使用消除了传统握手式握拍法(球拍的背面有长胶)的弱点,因为它能够产生具有良好力量和宽阔范围的非常上旋球。由于灵活的手腕运动,它也非常擅长反手攻击短球。一些球员会混合使用横拍反打和球拍背面的长胶在反手侧进行挡,拱、抹、围(吸)、磕、撇、削、拨、拉打、弹击,以提供更多的变化。

由于握拍方式的不同,翼虎横拍技术打法(反手)横拍反打的击球范围比传统的横拍反手更长更大,相同臂展的情况下,横拍反打选手比传统的横板选手护台面积更大,距离约差三厘米左右。(横板选手比直拍选手护台面积更大,距离约差一厘米左右。) 可别小看这短短的三厘米,那可就是得分与失分的天壤之别。

在打反手位球时使用球拍反面反胶打弧圈球时,由于手臂和球拍的自然运动,可以打出具有大量从左到右侧旋(对于右撇子)的侧上旋球。这种左侧旋弧圈比传统的横拍反手更拐更具有威力,重心移动范围可以比较小,击球质量高, 有利于下一板球的连接进攻。与传统的横拍反手快攻技术比较起来毫不逊色, 具有对球的摩擦增大,球速加快,攻击力强,动作小、隐蔽性大,站位中近台等特点。

一般来说, 对于横板打法来讲, 中路位置是薄弱环节, 中路是横板打法的软肋, 也可以这样说, 横板打法有个天生的死穴, 就是所谓的中路追身球(Crossover point)。“中路追身” 所造成最主要的接球感受是“用正手接或者用反手接都很别扭”,直接原因是手法不过关,更深层的原因是没有足够的击球空间, 这需要很强的步法和转腰能力。由于翼虎横拍技术打法正手和反手都是在使用球拍的正手同一侧反胶进行的, 选手不需要进行正反手翻拍子, 这样就没有明显的横板打法的“中路追身”薄弱环节, 阿基里斯的腳跟, 软肋和死穴。

2. 翼虎横拍技术打法的优势


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